16 March 2015

Advice | 7 Ways To Make Your Life Healthier (Without Driving Yourself Mad)

7 Ways To Make Your Life Healthier- Without Driving Yourself Mad

With the rise of the vegan, dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, fun free diet becoming ever so more prominent in our lives, of course I gave it a go...and of course I failed. You know why? Because only a person with extreme will power can resist the Saturday night craving of a Chinese take-away or the mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 
On one hand, yes I did fail but on the other, I like to think that through, what I can only describe as the struggle that was this diet, I learnt a trick or two. Therefore I devised my list of '7 Ways To Make Your Life Healthier', comprising of simple things that I've stuck with long after giving up on the chia seeds and drinking almond milk...

1. Eat dark chocolate
Obviously no one can resist a little treat every now and again but if you choose a dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa, you don't necessarily have to feel guilty! Dark varieties of chocolate tend to have less added sugar and fat and have surprising amount of health benefits!

2. Cook with coconut oil instead of cooking oil
Coconut oil, which has absolutely no taste in my opinion, so is perfect for cooking, is good for you! Hurrah, an oil you wont feel guilty about using! It contains lots of those 'good fats' that you hear people talking, paired with being rich in antioxidants, lauric acid and lots of other lovely things, to help your body to absorb important nutrients and minerals, eliminate harmful bacteria and fight the signs of aging! Now for something that makes no difference to the quality or taste of your food, surely there's no reason not to change?

3. Invest in a good water bottle
People are constantly telling us to drink more water. I didn't actually realise the benefits of this until I actually started doing it! My skin looks better and I have more energy which I definitely put down to this. And this is where the water bottle comes in; investing in a water or sports bottle of some sort can help you to do this, you're monitoring how much you drink throughout the day this way and you can take it with you so you have absolutely no excuse not to drink water!  

4. Use honey instead of sugar
With this one, I don't think it's actually going to make the biggest difference on your health but it's a small change and it all adds up. As honey is sweeter, you're more likely to use less of it and therefore consume less calories, plus it's been proven to have many health benefits!

5. Make your meals yourself
Not everyone considers themselves to be the next Nigella, I know I certainly don't, but I do understand the health benefits of making my meals from scratch. This way you can control the amount of salt and fat that goes into your meals and as a result don't consume unnecessary bad things!

6. Pick the wholegrain option
This is such a simple change and in my eyes, wholegrain foods actually taste better! Picking up wholegrain pasta or bread in the supermarket instead can help with a whole wonder of things including weight management!

and finally..

7. Take the stairs
This one is probably the most boring of the lot but it's still just as important! Walk instead of taking the easy option. Unless you're going to the top of The Shard, chances are it probably won't take that much of an effort to take the stairs instead of the lift, and it all makes the difference!

Hope you've enjoyed this bit of a different post!


  1. Love using honey instead of sugar :) great post :)


    1. It's such a small change but I do think it makes a difference and I think honey tastes nicer anyway! :) thanks for the comment! x