16 March 2015

Review | Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Collection

First things first, this is not so much of a review in the sense that there are very little negatives to these products and this post is essentially going to be me telling you how amazing they are. I first set my sites on the Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille collection about a year ago and from then on I felt as though my bathing routine would not be complete without them! I was fortunate enough to finally get these as a Christmas present from my parents last year, they were used that morning and from that point I've been in love and never want to smell of anything else.

The Ambre Vanille Creme Body Wash- £31
Now this was a bonus as I didn't even know this existed, so you can imagine my delight when I opened this and found something that could make me smell amazing every single day without having to go to the effort of exfoliating or moisturising (which yes I know should be done every day but nobody has time for that). Now in the way of washing, I don't feel as though this does anything particularly more special than any other body wash but OMG, that smell! This collection smells essentially like, vanilla. But this is vanilla like you've never smelt it before; it smells as though you've been baking cupcakes all day and used the frosting as a moisturiser...okay not quite that extreme but it is a very sugary scent so not for those who prefer a delicate scent but it's right up my street!

The Ambre Vanille Souffle Body Creme- £45
Now this product really does do something as well as smelling good. It has a really creamy, silky texture that literally melts into your skin and instantly leaves it so soft and not a greasy soft, a nourished, 'I really take care of my skin' soft. I don't consider myself to be any sort of beauty expert, I only aim to give honest reviews so I have no idea what the secret behind Laura Mercier's amazing formula is. But having done my research it may be down to it containing lots of good things such as Vitamin A, C and E derivatives, Pro-Vitamin B-5, Grape Seed and Rice Bran Oil. The list goes on, but click on the picture above to check it all out for yourself. 

The Ambre Vanille Scub- £37
When used before the body creme mentioned above, this combination is a match made in heaven. Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing product on it's own but it's common knowledge that moisturising after exfoliating helps your skin to feel super soft. This little beauty is made with equally as lovely ingredients; the actual exfoliant is made from crushed Vanilla Seeds and Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil and the softness you feel afterwards comes courtesy of those vitamins and proteins also found in the body creme. 

The Negatives-
The packaging is a slight disadvantage to this product- apart from the body wash, these products are packaged in glass jars. While this is great for looking fancy in your bathroom, they are quite bulky and heavy and not ideal for transporting around with you. 
The only other negative I can think of is the price- as far as high-end body products go, it's around the average. On the other hand, for a student wanting to use these every day it's not ideal and if I'm honest has made me a little scared to use them up and they only make an appearance when I'm going somewhere special and want to be looking and smelling tip-top. 

Overall they are amazing products that really do work and live up to their claims. I definitely think I will be splurging and buying them again when they eventually run out and even trying some of the other products in the 'Bath & Body' range. 

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Review- Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Collection


  1. Your description of the scent makes me want to try something from this collection sooo badly! :D Vanilla is by far my absolute favourite scent but it's sometimes hard to find products that actually smell like real vanilla. If only Laura Mercier wasn't so darn expensive ^_^


    1. You should definitely go try something! I've had a little sample size of the body lotion before too, so you could try and find one of those instead? It really does smell amazing haha :) thanks for the comment! x