10 March 2015

Weekend in the Cotswolds

Nathalie Jane- Weekend in the Cotswolds Last weekend was my boyfriends birthday and as a not-so-surprise birthday treat (I kept the secret for all of two weeks.. *monkey covering eyes emoji*) we went to the Cotswolds for a couple nights. As we stayed in an amazing hotel I thought I would share some pictures I took as my first blog post! 


The hotel we stayed in was called The Porch House and it claims to be England's oldest inn. How true this is, I don't know but it certainly looks the part!
Cosy fireplace inside the hotel which was so lovely to sit next to and have a drink (there was a lot of sitting and drinking on this trip)
and finally some pictures of the room, complete with its own Nespresso machine!

 Hope you liked seeing a little snippet of my weekend- sorry the pictures aren't very good quality but I just couldn't wait to get them up, plus I'm not very good at editing, but I will learn! 

 Nathalie x

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